Just in Time for Summer: Ceiling Fans 101

Minka F734-GL Ceiling FanHere In the south, we love our ceiling fans! Bedrooms and Family Rooms are a natural, but have you ever considered fans in a Bathroom? Laundry Room? Even Kitchens and Walk-in Closets! Anywhere that has a tendency to get a little stuffy. Today’s fans have a multitude of styles to accommodate any décor, anywhere in your home.

Ceiling Fans are a great way to help reduce energy costs. In the Summer, your fan should be set to operate counterclockwise (Forward). This creates a downward airflow resulting in a cooling breeze. You can keep your thermostat set higher and expect to save as much as 30% off your cooling bill! Remember, a fan does not cool a room, just the people in a room so remember to turn it off when the room is empty.

In the Winter, set your fan to operate clockwise (Reverse). At a low speed, your fan helps to circulate all that warm air that rises to help keep you comfortable. You can expect to lower your wintertime energy cost by up to 15%.

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Energy Saving Tips

  1. Motion sensors are an effective way to ensure lights are on only when needed.
  2. Timers can operate lights and other appliances in your absence.
  3. Dimming not only sets mood, but extends the life of your bulb.
  4. Energy efficient compact fluorescent lightbulbs provide a warm, bright appearance and last up to 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.
  5. Fluorescent bulbs use approx. 75% less energy than incandescent and produce very little heat, thus saving you in air conditioning costs.